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I am an assistant professor in ECE/CSE departments at UC Riverside. In 2023, I got my Ph.D. in CS at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where I was fortunate to be advised by Robert Nowak. In 2021, I spent a wonderful summer at Microsoft Research NYC, working with Paul Mineiro, Dylan Foster, and John Langford.

My research is in machine learning, with a focus on developing interactive learning paradigms (e.g., active learning, bandits, and RL) to improve data efficiency and compute efficiency. Recently, I became interested in connecting interactive machine learning with large models (e.g., LLMs), from both algorithmic and systemic perspectives. Research topics I would like to further explore include:

\(\bigstar\) Prospective Students. I am actively looking for Ph.D. students (Fall 2024/Spring 2025, fully-funded) and short-term visitors/interns who are generally interested in AI/ML and/or ML Systems. I'm happy to work with students with CS/ECE/Math/Stat/Physics or other STEM backgrounds. If you are interested in joining my lab, please (i) fill out this form and (ii) drop me an email with you CV and transcripts.